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But who cares how you spell it when you can buy chocolates like this?

Notice that not only can you buy a “mini-set” of three, you can also purchase an even smaller size, perfect for midafternoon nomming.

And does anyone else notice the slightly disgruntled cherub looking down on them?

Ahh, Brugge. European Disneyworld.  I watched the movie the other day, by the way.  The one that made Brugge famous, called In Brugge.  Don’t watch it. It’s crap and everyone dies for stupid reasons.


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Theme Park!

Ok, maybe not, but Brugge feels like it.  There are too many tourists and no authentic atmosphere.  It was fun, though.  Yesterday I rented a bike and discovered how terrifying it is to ride in a medieval city full of people with no clue of where they were going or how to get there or even the traffic rules.  After trying to figure out what kind of traffic rules there were, i realized there were none and after that enjoyed myself considerably more as I mowed down as many gaping tourists as possible.  Quite entertaining actually.

At the moment I’m about to leave for Cologne in Germany.  There aren’t many trains that you dont have to pay an extra fee to take.  In fact there are only two today and the second one is too late for me considering once i get there i still have to find a place to sleep.  So heres hoping my timetables are correct (they have been so far) and I can make it to my destination today.

I have to go pack now and find my way back to the train station…although that will be easy, I’ll jsut follow the trail of people with wheelie suitcases.  I kid you not.  There is a constant stream of them going back and forth from the train station.  I dont know how this town supports so many travellers honestly.


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Adios Holland

The weather is getting colder and it’s pretty depressing.

Holland is flat, flat, flat.  It’s kind of trashy looking too, at least parts of it.  After coming from the stunning Highlands, this land is utterly uninspiring.  I miss Scotland.  But since I can’t go back, I’m going forward.

Tomorrow morning I say goodbye to The Netherlands and say hello to Belgium.  I am spending the weekend in Brugge, probably Europe’s best preserved medieval city.  At least that’s what the internet tells me.  And since I’ve really been slacking on the touristy stuff recently, I’m planning on doing a canal tour and a bike tour and possibly rent a bike for the day.  I never did any of those things in the Netherlands.  I just didn’t feel like it, I guess.

Anyways, in the morning I get to leave this flat flat flat land behind and…ok, move on to more flat land.  But it’s only for the weekend, and I’m moving on to Germany on Monday, as far as I know.  This flatness makes me depressed.  I like hills and landscapes.  What’s even worse, the farms and small towns all look the same and a lot of them have kind of a trashy feel to them.  I’m not really a fan.

I tried to make it to Drachten today, but once i got to Groningen was foiled by the fact that there didn’t seem to be any kind of public transportation heading in that direction.  After a three hour train ride I had to admit defeat.

The upside to the trip was that I got to walk around Groningen, not a bad city, but with the sameness that many Netherlandish cities display.  There was an excellent farmer’s market where I bought fresh fried fish (which you eat with a tiny fork, just like your fries.)  I also got a chocolate croissant, which for some reason in Dutch is a schokolade roombotor.  Roombotor?  It sounds like a robot vacuum cleaner, not a delicious croissant.

Getting back was a bit interesting as apparently there is very infrequent train service from Rotterdam-groningen and vice versa.  I either had to wait an hour or take an unknown number of trains to get home.  So I hopped on the first train that was leaving Groningen, which was supposed to be going to Amsterdam but three hours later when it still hadn’t found its goal I hopped off in Amsterfoort or soemthing like that, got another train to Amsterdam Centraal, and then another train to Rotterdam.  In the end it may have been quicker to just wait the hour for the straight-through, but not as interesting.  So whatever.

I’ve started missing weird things from home.  At the moment I would give anything to be able to sit in a living room, by myself, and watch a movie.  Any movie I choose.  I don’t know why I really, really miss that because I never even watch movies at home.

I also miss Scotland and Ireland.  I think I feel more homesick for them than I do for home.  I just don’t like the Netherlands as much.  Hopefully this does not continue, or I’ll jsut have to fly my ass back to the Highlands and stay there for the rest of my trip.  No, no, that would be giving up.  But I really do miss the awesomeness of those two gorgeous little Celtic countries.  And the people, most of all.  I really miss the friendliness of Irish people.

Although Australians are growing on me, I suddenly stopped seeing them around.  I haven’t really met anyoen new in a long time, and I don’t know if it’s the way the hostels are run or if I’m just missing something here.  I did talk to one Australian last night who was traveling around the Netherlands visiting a bunch of family that she’d never seen.

Alright, I’ve been on the computer way long enough.  I’ll be back when I’m in Brugge (after doing all my touristy things.)

PS Guess what!  I got into the Rotterdam newspaper!  A half-page picture of me and some other people from the hostel (but me in the center) while I was on the computer yesterday a guy doing a feature on the hostel came in and I was available so I got in the photo shoot.  Woohoo.


Then go to the Rotterdam edition and find page 15.  Oh yeah I am so there.

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