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I stayed two nights in Vienna, a city that I quite liked, and then I spent two nights in Salzburg, a city that I didn’t like so much but it is right in the mountains so that was cool.  Yesterday I went biking up in the Alps.  They are gorgeous.  You just look up and there they are, surrounding the city.  It’s incredible.

Buuuuuuut, you know, Austria has been kind of boring.  I was going to go to Innsbruck today, a little village high in the Alps, perfect if you’re a fan of outdoor adventure sports.  However.  Last night I just kind of changed my mind.  I’ve been hearing all about how great Budapest is for weeks now.  And I’m in the perfect spot to go there.  And I’ve been kind of missing the excitement of the Czech Republic, where everything is totally foreign.  I’ve been in countries that don’t speak English now for so long that German feels quite familiar and comfortable.  I mean, I can count, ask for things, say please and thank you, and ask people if they speak English and tell them that I don’t speak German, all in German.  I’m practically fluent by this point.  A little bit of Hungarian should make things eminently more exciting, I think. 

So this morning I got a train back from Salzburg to Vienna so I could catch a train to Budapest from there.  I was going to make the 11.50 to Budapest, but of course my first train was delayed by an hour and I missed it.  So I have some time until the 13.50 train.  I’m pretty psyched to find out what this train is like.  The trains in the Czech Republic made me feel like we were back in the Soviet era.  I took a few pictures, they were so terrifying.  As a Czech girl told me on the way to Prague, ‘Just like everything in the Czech Republic they’re broken.’  That wasn’t quite fair though.  They run and everything.  We were jsut having issues with the door to the train compartment, on which the latch was installed a good three inches below the other side of it–although that didn’t matter much, as the door wouldn’t, for some strange reason, close all of the way anyways.  So for the entire ride it kept sliding open and it was a freezing day.  But that’s all part of the fun. 

Hmm, so.  I am spending three nights in Budapest and then it’s off to Croatia, I promise!  No more sidetracking.

Ahhhh, I have never heard so much late nineties pop music as I have since I’ve been in Europe.  Old Avril Lavigne is on the radio right now, and last night at and Irish pub in Salzburg, Austria, we listened to N’Sync.  Go figure. 

Alright, I have a scary train to catch so I am off.  Don’t know when I’ll be able to update again but I am really excited about going to Budapest.  I’m going to Hungary!


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I am back in the eurozone, sadly, pouring money away like it’s nothing.  The problem is, these silly people of Vienna have closed every single bloody shop, which is making it quite tricky for me to find ways to spend more money. 

But I of course am resourceful as ever and managed to find the Chrsitmas market, which most certainly was not closed and was more than willing to take my money.  For the cultural experience (is a baked potato an Austrian thing?) I got an enormous, and I mean massive, baked potato with garlic sauce and ham.  Sounds disgusting, tastes delicious.   I want another one but it was 4.50€. 

Vienna is what I always imagined a city should look like.  It’s full of grand buildings, wide streets, glossy and drool-worthy shop windows, parks, statues, squares, history, monuments, etc etc.  The transportation system is terrifyingly fast and can take you anywhere in a few minutes.  The buildings are typically Germanic–stolid, imposing, and impressive as hell.  Actually, I quite feel like I am back in Germany–except that everyone is friendlier and they call the cash machines bankomats instead of geldautomats.  Other than that, the architecture is similar, the people are similar and speak the same language, and the climate is similar.  It’s hard to remember what country I’m in.  I mean, I have enough problems with that as it is.

Tomorrow I go to Salzburg, which is supposed to be a very nice town in Austria.  After that I may go straight to Croatia, or I may hit another town or two in Austria before going.  Or, as I’ve been thinking about lately, I might go to Budapest.

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